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Pioneer Inno Home Kit CDINHOME1

Pioneer Inno Home Kit CD-INHOME1
Pioneer Inno Home Kit CD-INHOME1
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While the Pioneer inno comes with a full Home Kit, this Pioneer Inno Home Kit is for people who like having an additional Kit for the office, cabin, or even just for a second room in the home.


  • The Home Stand houses your radio near your stereo system/powered speakers and recharges the radio’s battery while in the stand
  • The Home Antenna’s cable length allows the antenna to be extended as needed for optimal reception
  • RCA Audio Cables plug into the AUX In/Audio In (or similar) jacks on your stereo system/powered speakers
  • The Power Adapter works in any AC outlet

    Standard Package Includes:

  • Home Stand
  • Home Antenna
  • RCA Audio Cables
  • USB Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Remote Control
  • User Guide

  • Radios sold separately

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    Pioneer Inno Home Kit CD-INHOME1