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Audiovox Xpress R XM Radio Receiver and Car Kit XMCK20P

Audiovox Xpress R XM Radio Receiver and Car Kit XMCK20P
Audiovox Xpress R XM Radio Receiver and Car Kit XMCK20P
Item # XMCK20P
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The new Audiovox XpressR XM Receiver, part of the Audiovox XM Xpress family, the first Split Screen Auto/Home Plug and Play XM Satellite Radio Receiver. You can now view only the channel you're listening to, but playing on up to 5 other channels too. All at the same time!
The display automatically adjusts the backlight for day and night lighting conditions. The Audiovox Xpress R also comes with a 30 minute replay feature, allowing you to pause and replay up to 30 minutes of XM content. You can use the included cassette adaptor if your vehicle has a built-in cassette player. With XM SureConnect (sold separately), you can listen to your XpressR (
Audiovox XMCK-20P) through your car stereo using the built-in wireless FM modulator or use the FM Direct Adaptor (sold separately) to directly connect the Xpress R to your existing car stereo (professional installation recommended). If your car stereo has an auxiliary input (as many newer vehicles do), you can also use the Xpress' line output and the Mini Auxiliary Cable to install it as a direct audio connection. Furthermore, the docking station features an auxiliary input that lets you connect and play other portable devices, for example, your MP3 players.

If you'd like to play it over your home stereo, we also have the all new home kit available, or, if you want to go to the beach, and enjoy listening to your XM Satellite Radio just about anywhere, buy the all-new compatible boombox as well.

One of the best options on your new Xpress Ris that you can save up to 20 songs or artist names in TuneSelect mode and it will even tell you anytime one of them is playing on XM. You can customize the display to scroll sports scores or a stock ticker. Program up to 30 presets for your favorite channels, so they are never far from reach. Press the "Jump" button, and you can go directly to to the channel of your choice instantly. And for convenient system control, the package includes a wireless remote control as well.

Download Features and Installation Manual

Features of the XpressR

  • XpressR is the industry's first Plug & Play satellite radio with 30-minute pause & replay, split-screen and six line display
  • Split screen display - view up to six channels simultaneously
  • Pause, Play, and Replay up to 30 minutes of your favorite XM programming
  • Number keys allow users to set up to 30 favorite channels
  • Industry's First 5-way navigational control - for rapid channel scrolling
  • TuneSelect finds your favorite songs or artists - GameSelect finds your favorite sports event
  • Easily view channel, artist, song title & info extras via a high-contrast six-line display
  • Universal Connector - easily move XpressR between Car, Home, & Audio Systems, with compatible accessories

  • Dimensions without cradle: 4.5 inches W x 2.5 inches H x 0.6 inches D
  • Weight without cradle: 0.21 lbs.
  • Audio output: variable through 3.5mm jack
  • Antenna (Home/Car Cradle): SMB
  • External power: 5V DC

  • Car Cradle
  • Remote Control
  • Car Mount
  • Vent Clip
  • 12 volt Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter
  • Antenna
  • Cassette Adaptor
  • Quick Guides
  • Manuals

Accessories (sold separately)
  • Universal Car Kit
  • Universal Home Kit
  • XM SureConnect
  • FM Direct
  • Universal Deskside Audio Systems
  • Universal Boombox Audio Systems

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Audiovox Xpress R XM Radio Receiver and Car Kit XMCK20P